Curbside Care

At this time, we are continuing curbside care of your pets. We look forward to eventually getting our clients back into the building. However, a remodel of our lobby begins this summer. We’re excited to invite you into a newly remodeled space once it’s finished and will keep you updated on the progress!

What to expect with curbside care

When you arrive for your appointment, you can stay in your vehicle or sit in one of the chairs outside the hospital under the overhang.

Please call or text us to inform us of your arrival. Our phone number is 925-938-8010. You’ll see it posted in several locations.

One of our doctors or a technician will come out and greet you, and then get your pet checked in. You’ll have time to ask questions and discuss any health issues your pet may be experiencing. You can also request medications or extra services at this time.

The doctor or technician will take your pet into our hospital for the appointment and to receive any necessary vaccines, bloodwork, or requested services. For now, we’re unable to allow clients to enter the hospital with their pets, with the exception of end-of-life appointments.
Once treatments have finished, a staff member will bring your pet back to you and take your credit card inside to be charged, returning with your receipt.

To speed up this process, you’re always welcome to call us prior to your appointment to have your payment method put on file. This allows you to head out as soon as your pet is done with treatments. We will charge your card for you. Your record of services and your receipt will be emailed to you after the appointment.

Thank you for your continued patience and support!