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Dr. Carol Tillman

Dr. Tillman graduated from the University of Florida’s School of Veterinary Medicine in 1980 and is licensed to practice in Florida, Nevada and California. She joined Geary Veterinary Hospital in 1988 . She now spends one week each month at Geary Veterinary Hospital and the remainder of her time at the holistically-focused Animal Kingdom Veterinary Hospital in Las Vegas, NV. This dual-hospital experience has given her the unique opportunity to practice conventional and alternative medicine simultaneously. After many years of experiencing the success of alternative medicine, Dr. Tillman decided to pursue a formal education in homeopathy in 1996. She has since studied acupuncture, herbal medicine and several other areas of holistic veterinary care. Her hobbies include jogging, physical fitness, and reading. She is a self-professed STAR TREK fanatic and Dr. Who fan, and attends numerous Star Trek conventions each year. She shares her home with her cat, Peetie.