Pet Obesity Awareness Day

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Hello Friends,

My name is Mike Ewart and I have been working at Geary Vet for a little over 24 years now. I started as an assistant, and wound up in management. In the intervening years I have added many other duties to my job description, the most recent being blogger. Until very recently I confess I didn’t really know exactly what that was. I knew it had to do with writing, which appealed to me. I have also learned that it involves keeping  followers up to date with what is happening with GVH, which also sounds like fun.

In observance of National Pet obesity Awareness day ( October 14th ) , I’d like to share a few thoughts, as well as a few eye opening facts.

Summer is gone, and the holiday season will soon be upon us. Holiday celebrations offer an abundance of food, as well as plenty of opportunities to over-indulge in unhealty food choices. Unfortunately, we humans often tend to show our love for our pets with food from our table.  Clever dogs and cats may also hide under buffet tables hoping for dropped delicacies or patrol kitchens and dining rooms begging for handouts. Most of the time we adoring humans are only too happy to comply. It can be difficult, if not impossible to prevent our pets from scoring the occasional human holiday goodie, but it is important for us to remain vigilant.

Overweight dogs have an increased risk for orthopedic, respiratory, cardiovascular, pancreatic and renal disease. They also often have shortened lifespans. Among overweight cats there is an increased prevalance of diabetes mellitus, lameness, skin problems ,and oral and urinary tract disease.  Annual check ups with your regular veterinarian should include a discussion of your pet’s weight, and  are the best and easiest way to ensure their optimal health.

Whether during the holidays, or the rest of the year, we should always do our best to feed our pets an appropriate quantity of veterinarian-approved pet food, and avoid feeding them fatty table foods, as well as other foods they should never eat such as chocolate or bones of any kind. A little tough love goes a long way and may keep our furry friends with us a little longer.

Until next time,